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Producer Forum

I was responsible for the design and art direction, as well as gaining buy-in for our creative and messaging approach from senior leadership

What’s a producer?

In Washington state’s health care system, a producer sells insurance policies and provides advice to large or small companies about healthcare plans and policies. They’re an extension of the Kaiser Permanente sales team, but they also sell the plans of the competition. It’s a vital community — over 90% of the business for Large Group and Small Group are brokered by producers, for instance.

The Producer Forum is a yearly event to connect with and address the needs for this audience. It serves to give them a heads up on new initiatives, health plan updates and the nuts-and-bolts information that a producer needs to sell our plans. Due to the pandemic, this was also the first time that it needed to move from what had traditionally been an in-person event to being 100% remote.

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