Digital, Social, Direct Mail, and Email

PEBB and SEBB Campaign

Responsible for the design and art direction. Also responsible for creating and building presentation decks for gaining buy-in from the Washington State Health Care Authority’s oversight, senior leadership in the region, and the enterprise brand advertising group.

Public sector priority

The Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) and The School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) are both extremely important groups for any health insurance provider, and that was especially true for Kaiser Permanente. This was a high-profile campaign to attract new members in the Washington region.

Tactics included a broad consumer social media push with a digital banner ad campaign that our market research highlighted as Kaiser Permanente’s key strengths in the marketplace: affordability, medical excellence and care flexibility.

Running alongside the acquisition efforts was a direct mail and email-based retention campaign. There were a significant number of members that would be impacted by network and health plan changes in the coming year. This work leaned in to clearly communicate what kind of changes a member could expect and to determine the best path forward.