Print and digital

Financial Fitness Campaign

I was responsible for the concept, art direction and design of this project alongside coordination for keeping the project on time and under budget with our print vendor and web developers.

On the road to fitness

The strategy was to address clients who have recently gone through a major life change. We’re ready to stand by our clients through life’s ups and downs; this is a chance to show it and deepen that relationship. Our mailer stands out from the clutter, ties into their situation and encourages them to reach out to their financial advisor.

With you, every step of the way

The campaign was spearheaded by a direct mail piece to targeted customers and then followed up with digital elements including email (both to our current customers, as well as cross-sell prospects for banking and credit card audiences) and a custom landing page.

Mobile landing page
Mobile email

Fitness questionnaire

The landing page featured an interactive widget that allowed people to see what steps they’d taken financially and to encourage them to make an appointment with an advisor to find a strategy for any steps they might be missing.

As you click on the different checkboxes to show you’ve completed certian financial planning tasks and challenges our hero cyclist advances toward the front of the pack.