Design Thinking, Digital, User Experience Investing tab

I was responsible for the concept, art direction and design of this project as well as for leading design thinking workshops with leadership/stakeholders.

Moving investing to the top

A high-profile project to rework and rethink how the investing line of business should be presented on the main website. A more effective page would have serious potential to drive significant cross-sell opportunities from CapitalOne’s banking and credit card customer base.

Over time, investing-related content had grown into a disjointed and fairly confusing setup. Information was out of date, there was a divide between managed investing in one sub-section, and self-directed investing being on a totally different part of the site.

Design thinking artifacts

As the creative lead for the project, I initiated a series of design thinking workshops to hone the features and messaging that would provide the foundation and structure for the new experience. This process enabled the team to get early buy-in from leadership on the general approach which helped accelerate the rounds of review and lead to a much smoother process overall.

The end result was a page and architecture that consolidated the current multi-page property to a single, more digestible format. This reworked setup featured a high-level introduction of our advisor and self-directed offerings providing a solid first impression and increased interest for an audience that wants to learn more and take the next step in their investing journey.

High-fidelity mockup